March 31, 2009

Fountain silhouette

Fountain by EverydayEclecticism by you.

One of the neatest things about guest photographers is the perspective change. “Seeing” a place or location through another’s eyes. I would never have thought about capturing this fountain and the museum’s flags in the same frame. Well done, Angie! And thanks so much for sharing!


March 30, 2009

Glimpse of the past

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Rankins_Grocery_by_EverydayEclecticism[1] by you.

This locale is a must-see for me. I’m so GLAD Angie captured and shared this old store and gas station with us. She says, “Rankins Grocery is on Marchbanks Avenue, past McCants Middle School, a couple blocks before you get to Calhoun Street.” I’m afraid I don’t venture much on this side of town — Angie’s made me aware how much I’m missing!

March 26, 2009

Daddy’s Hands

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picnikfile_dm_xkk by you.

Lydia — my neice in the above cute dress — hasn’t blinked an eye this week. Roland — her older brother — has developed a limp. By the time I left Wednesday, his hand “wouldn’t pull,” he said, demonstrating how it hung limply by his side.

Camille, my sister, called Monday night. “Can you come and keep the kids?”

Earlier that day, Camille and a family friend  had supported Ed to the car, then literally carried him, each with a leg and a shoulder, into the ER. (Ed’s over 6 feet and built. A physique perfect for cradling his daughter and son, one in each arm, or serving arrest warrants in the middle of the hot Atlanta night.) The admitting nurse asked Camille if Ed had been drinking. He was talking out of his mind. Aggitated. A bit combative. And so weak he couldn’t hold up his head. 

“I was so grateful when the [admitting] nurse said Ed was sick,” Camille related. “I was sure that if he had the energy to fuss me out for suggesting we go to the hospital — then I must be exaggerating his illness.” And sick he was: Type I diabetes at 47. His sugar was in the 600s. And into ICU he went. He’s still there. Stabilizing.

The last two days, I’ve thought only briefly of this blog — with longing and regret. Wishing I could post. A part of me longed for my camera, sent off to be repaired. Its absence severly limitimg my ability to post new pics of Anderson. Yet, in the midst of my sister’s family crisis, the absense of my camera set me free. I’ve been free from the impluse to record Ro and Lydia’s every facial expression and catch light. Free to live in the moment, in place of trying to document it. Besides, it’s hard to photograph a limp. The most remarkable event, apart from Ed’s recovery, to occur in my nephew’s life in a while.

March 23, 2009


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The above is a Fall photo of Hartwell Lake dam — love the detail in this pic. Thank you, Susan, for sharing!

Susan has become one of my favorite photographers. I love the clarity and sensitivity in her photos. Check out her blog and also her flickr photos. This is one I really admire.

March 20, 2009

Yes, I take it everywhere

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IMG_1057 by you.

Yes, I really do take the camera everywhere. Which is maybe why it mysteriously and quietly locked up day before yesterday. Overuse? Fatigue? Protest at not being taken seriously? I am notoriously irreverant with it, letting my precious neice wear it and snap countless pics of the floor. Regardless, the camera is off to repair-land. An expensive and scary place — that could turn into an even-more-expensive place. My fingers are crossed for the former. I took the above photo in Ingles. They have a little florist kiosk, an oasis of green in front of the sliding front doors. To be honest, this isn’t a photo I would normally (I hope) post — but I’m in a desparate way and my archives are growing shallow. Angie has offered to let me use her digital point-and-shoot. Bless her. I may survive this.

March 19, 2009

Clock Tower

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Our courthouse is truly unique. I love the textures, the colors. And I love viewing it through another’s eyes. Many thanks, Susan, for sharing your picture with us!

March 18, 2009

St. Paddy Smiles

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Picture_3250[1] by you.

Corban, Ashlyn, and Zachary. Three beautiful Andersonians. Thanks, Kristie, for letting me post your babies’ St. Paddy’s Day pic. 🙂

Have you thought about sharing your pictures of Anderson or Andersonians on this blog? GUEST PHOTOGRAPHERS are needed! Out of the blue last night, my formerly trusty camera gave me an error message and went blank. Oh, I’m so sad! I’m preparing for the worst — a long repair time — by dusting off my film camera. While I’m re-adjusting to stone-age technology, if you would like to share YOUR perspective of Anderson, please send my way. 🙂

March 17, 2009

Puppy Eyes

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IMG_0003 by you.

I’m reaching into the archives with this one. A snap from the Jockey Lot one Saturday morning. I love this puppy — I’m guessing a ball would be her treasure.

March 16, 2009

Vacation Dilemma

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IMG_1023 by you.

Owning pets is a true joy — but what to do when traveling? Like finding a good hair stylist, discovering a good kennel — with openings! — can be tricky. I was delighted on Saturday to visit a relatively new facility, It’s a Dog’s Life. I opened the door braced for the worst and was pleasantly surprised. No yucky odor, stench, or hint of wet dog! Not only did the facility smell fine, but the owner was sweet and friendly, showing us around the kennels and exercise areas with enthusiasm. And I loved the decor! The painted paws and puppy, shown above, are a sign of how much the owners care about quality. They also displayed pictures of their own pets and day care clients. I will vacation in a couple of weekends without a bit of worry for the care of my dogs. 🙂

March 15, 2009

Blessed Rain

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IMG_1041 by you.

Yesterday and last night it rained and poured. Today — more of the same. It’s hard to complain when it’s been so dry. Bojangles. Always busy on a Sunday morning.

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