August 31, 2009

Over the Civic Center

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Many thanks, Barron Cooley, for this cool bird’s-eye shot! The white building to the bottom left is the Anderson Civic Center. Barron comments that he likes the clouds — and I do too. Nice framing.


July 29, 2009

Monday Night Flight

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Barron's picture

Thanks, Barron Cooley, for sharing this fantastic shot of Hartwell Lake — and teaching me about what I’m seeing. Barron writes below:

Thought you might enjoy a picture of Lake Hartwell with Portman Marina in foreground, looking north up the Seneca river. The old Portman dam (remember the generator downtown?) was between the two bridges on the Seneca River. The first bridge is highway 24 and the second, fartherest away, is I-85.

January 15, 2009

An end is a beginning

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This picture just makes me feel peaceful. A beautiful shot of the sunset over the Hwy 24 bridges. Thank you, Barron Cooley, for sharing this shot with us!

January 8, 2009

Liberty Hwy Bridge

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Aerial view of the Liberty Highway Bridge — the same bridge around which the fishermen below are boating. Many thanks to Barron Cooley for the photograph! He mentions in his e-mail that the fishermen said there is 10 feet of water currently under the bridge. Sad, isn’t it?

The above photo also shows a portion of Darwin Wright Park‘s shoreline. (Anderson’s only city park bordering Hartwell Lake.) Can you see the whiteish, T-shaped structure in the upper right of the photo? That’s the park’s pier. Click here to see a pic of the pier from July 2007. The water level difference is pretty striking.

Look to the right of the bridge, and you can see a “ghost road” emerging from the water. The road was flooded when the Hartwell Dam was finished around 1963. Barron took another photo showing a close up of the ghost road which I’ll post tomorrow. Thanks again, Barron!

December 18, 2008

Twin Bridges, er…, Double Bridges

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IMG_3708_edited-1 by you.

Someone once told me that in Anderson are the “Twin Bridges.” Surely these are them! 🙂 (Editor’s note: well, maybe not. See comments.) Thank you, Barron Cooley, for providing us with such a clear view. Though the bridge(s) look really short in length from this photo, they take a while driving over. I enjoy the moments above the water, it’s a brief thrill, a tickle of the stomach.

Notice the marina off to the left? It’s the same as in the picture below.

December 17, 2008

Portman Marina

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IMG_2551 by you.

Another cool photo from Barron Cooley, a local aviator. He is gracious enough to share his photos from the skies, and I really enjoy looking at them. This is a view of Portman Marina. I’ve always called it Portman Shoals Marina or Portman’s Marina. Trying to be precise, I Googled the marina web site and there the name is Portman Marina. Take a gander at the photograph on the site as well! Even though the above and the photo on the marina web site are taken from different angles, the difference in the water levels is amazing.

December 12, 2008

Apple and Andersonville Islands

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Barron Cooley, an Anderson resident and pilot, took the above photo of Apple and Andersonville Islands in Hartwell Lake. You can see the image larger here.

Barron writes:

Apple Island is in the foreground where the trees are. Actually Apple Island is not technically an island even when the lake is full, because there is an earthen dam that is visible in the shadows of the above picture that you must cross to be on the island. If your photo posted yesterday is the gate to the Apple Island boat ramp, what you see  from your photo is not Apple Island….If you were going down the road and the gate you shot is on the left, a little ways straight down the road would be another closed gate, and that would be the entrance to Apple Island. It has been closed for twenty years or so because of excess drinking and fighting from people hanging out at night there. Not boaters, just drunks. Even stabbings and shootings were happening. Very rough place.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Because of the drought, a road has surfaced between the two islands, Apple on the left and Andersonville on the right. Barron’s picture is here. Barron also shares a bit about Andersonville, the island in the farground of the above photo:
There was a town called Andersonville, at the other end of the island back in the 1700’s (?) at the convergence of the Seneca and Tugaloo rivers that formed the Savannah river. It was when they took cotton from the upstate to the coast, down the Savannah river. The town was flooded regularly and when the railroad came to be, they no longer needed to ship cotton and supplies by boat, so the town was eventually abandoned. I don’t remember how much later, but the current town of Anderson was selected at its current site. This is from rough memory so take it with a grain of salt.
Never personnally having heard of either island, I find this history pretty dang interesting! Thanks for sharing, Barron!

October 9, 2008

Last in the series

IMG_0442_edited-1 by you.

I love Barron’s aerial shots of Anderson! The above pic shows NewSpring Community Church, which has been our focus the last couple of days. With this pic we end the series. It shows the main building and what Barron says are the new children and youth wings. Yes, it’s a megachurch. 🙂

February 7, 2008

Exit 19 from the Air

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I was thrilled to get this photograph from Barron Cooley, a lifetime Anderson resident and aviation enthusiast. It shows Anderson’s Exit 19 from Interstate 85 (lower left corner). I-85 can be seen running parallel to Hartwell Lake. The landscape taken up by the lake really shocked me. (Hartwell is 52,000 acres, but that’s hard for me to conceptualize!) I was also intrigued by the perfect cloverleaf of the interstate exit. Engineering really is a marvel — if only I had taken my math classes more seriously! Hwy 76 toward Anderson heads into the left of the photograph and beyond.

Below the Exit 19 cloverleaf, you can see the tight cluster of development on the Clemson / Seneca side of I-85. This area has sprouted since I moved to Anderson in 2000. I drove through on Friday night, and it’s a hoping place. (But slow moving if you are in a car.) It includes a movie theater, several hotels (maybe for the Clemson games?), Outback, Wild Wings Cafe, Cracker Barrell, and much more.

To the bottom right is the red dirt of construction grading. No idea what will go there. The cool thing is that there are still so many trees in the area. I love that Anderson is so close to “the country.” I hope Anderson residents allow city and county officials to control and manage the necessary growth of commerce, so Anderson will continue to be green.

To the right of the red dirt and across Hwy 76, you can see Denver Downs, a farm recognized as a Century Farm by the Pendleton Commission for being operated by the same family for 100 years. (I learned this via the small plaque on their main sign.)

There’s probably much more in the photograph that I don’t recognize. What do you see?

January 19, 2008

Aerial view

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The Chiquola Hotel, in its remodeled glory. A from-above shot graciously shared by Barron of Anderson, S.C. Look at the wooden deck they built on top! Must have an awesome view. The club dues are too much for me, but maybe I’ll sneak up to that deck one day. 🙂 Thanks, Barron!

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