February 28, 2007

Star Quality

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Not close enough — but I had to stay on the sidewalk. Pesky security.

This truck was parked in the parking lot behind the Calhoun Hotel. In Photoshop, I zoomed in on the stars and any name that was there has been covered over, so they are “generic” star restrooms.

I love that the Anderson water tower shows in the background. If you doubted Hollywood came to Anderson, here’s proof. Uh…or at least proof Hollywood’s restrooms came. 🙂


February 27, 2007

Scary riding rig

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Another shot from the Clooney outpost in downtown Anderson. 🙂 I’m guessing this is an “old” motorcycle. Leatherheads is set around 1920 from what I understand. No, I didn’t put a “foot” in the parking lot! Security was a-patrolling. 🙂

February 26, 2007

Marine Green Ford

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George Clooney may be in Hollywood for the Oscars, but his stuff is still in Anderson — for filming of Leatherheads. Isn’t this truck so small? Interesting.

February 19, 2007

Hollywood paranoia

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“You’ve taken enough pictures. You need to move along.”

“Don’t put a foot in that parking lot right there.”

“You’re taking so many pictures, you’re making them nervous. They’re watching you. You better move along.”

Who? “Oh, THEY are watching, don’t worry.”

“M’am, I know you’re only taking pictures, but you need to leave.”

“She’s going to call the police.”

Needless to say, I had a little excitement on Saturday! (It doesn’t take much. 🙂 ) George Clooney will be in little ole Anderson this week — rumor is Wednesday — along with Renee Zellwenger to film a portion of his new movie Leatherheads. They will be using the lobby (which they have remodeled to suit them) of the historic John C. Calhoun Hotel, located on Main Street, Anderson. I couldn’t resist. I had to get a shot of the hotel. I mean, it is old and cool, even if Clooney and Zellwenger weren’t going to grace it with their presence.

Standing on the public sidewalk in front of the hotel, I encountered some strong pressure to “move along” by a charming security guard. Put out and a little indignant, I took my pictures and obeyed the request — “you will attract too much attention if you stay here too long” — and wandered down the sidewalk (wandering slowly — I wasn’t too pleased. It was a deserted sidewalk!) and continued my Saturday photo shoot by turning right and walking up the street on the side of the hotel. I encountered some really quaint offices I had never noticed before. Little did I know I had stepped from the orange zone into the red zone. This became clear as two female security guards began freaking out, passing me in cars, and approaching me in person, ultimately telling me they were calling the police to make me leave. The public sidewalk.

Shocked — I’m a fat female with a dog and a camera (so deadly) — I walked with as much dignity as possible back down the sidewalk, back into the orange zone — away from rows of tractor trailers with California license plates in the parking lot that I had inadvertantly walked too close to. (I never even noticed the trailers until the blonde security guard drove up next to me and pointed at the lot and said forcefully, “Don’t put a foot into that parking lot.” Like there was anything to take a picture THERE.)

Sigh. One interesting thing, though, is I saw “them” as I left the orange zone. They were shadowy figures in the glass of the front door of the Sullivan-King Mortuary (located across the street from the hotel) watching me. It must have been a REALLY slow day. 🙂 Additional photos of my exciting (embarrassing) experience are here.

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