September 30, 2009


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I had the pleasure of meeting Anderson artist Terry Laughlin at the Belton Juried Show. You can see his piece, Climbing Higher, just behind his shoulder to the right.


September 29, 2009


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Friday night I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend to the Belton Juried Arts Show. It was my first time going, and I loved the intimate, friendly atmosphere. The Belton Center for the Arts is housed in an older store front, and it was fun exploring the building’s brick and wood as well as the art. The above (acrylic) painting caught my attention. I love the size, the color, the direct gaze of the subject. The artist is Ricky Morgan from Anderson. Mr. Morgan won a Merit Award for this painting, sponsored by City Glass.

September 28, 2009

Serious Play

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This precious little boy caught me watching him on Sunday. We were at the ball field in Lindley Park. He kept a running commentary to himself; perhaps narrating a baseball game? He was just a bit too far away to hear clearly, but he would talk, run, jump on third, and then tear off to second. When he saw me and the camera, his new game became entertaining me with his leaps and sprints. Just too cute.

September 25, 2009

New Baby

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A neighbor recently adopted a Sheltie puppy — and he is a love. So cute with that long nose. I hear that, like most puppies, he is a ball of energy — and quite fast. Lucky is shown here in the arms of his 11-year-old owner.

September 24, 2009

What’s Your Guess?

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picnikfile__Qe6zh by you.

Intriguing looking, huh? I’ve been thinking this is some type of time-telling device. Do you agree? What IS it? Found in an Andersonian’s yard in Old North Anderson.

September 23, 2009


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Continuing with our memorial theme :), Whitefield Baptist Church, found off Hwy 29 near the Jockey Lot, was first organized in 1840. So it’s not surprizing (that I found) a handful of confederate veterans buried there. Based on Mr. Landress’s date of death shown in the picture, I wonder if he attended the dedication of the CSA statue described below.

September 22, 2009

Over 7 Feet

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Statue Solider 3 by you.

The above statue honoring “Our Confederate Dead” towers over the Anderson County Courthouse grounds at over 33 feet. The soldier himself is over 7 feet. (One day when I get a telephoto, I’ll see him a bit more clearly. 🙂 ) It’s easy for me, absorbed in my daily life, to walk past such monuments — but I think this one deserves a second look, not only for its impressive height and statue’s carving, but also for the detailed imagery and quotations on each side of the base. A wonderful description of the statue is found at “The Historical Marker Database.” Brian Scott of Greenville did a fine job documenting the statue and transcribing its quotations. He points out that the imagery on the statue’s base represents the calvary, artillery, navy, and infantry. I was also interested to read that the quotations on the base are from poems of the day. Mr. Scott’s photos are much better than the ones I’ve taken (so far), and I really enjoyed looking at his images and descriptions of the statue. Other individuals have also submitted interesting items to the page.

Examining this statue, reading the quotations, is like walking back in time to 1901 or 1902 to its dedication, only 35 years after the Civil War, when veterans of the conflict attended the ceremony and some even spoke. In my mind’s eye, I can see their flowing beards and mustaches, the horses and carriages lined up waiting, a distance away. I imagine the veterans stood through the dedication remembering their buddies who didn’t come home.

The words on the statue mesmerize me, as they shout from a different worldview. I can’t help but wonder what the black community of 1901 or 1902 thought of the statue.

September 21, 2009

And for Strangers

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I love the simplicity, the clean lines of this monument, standing in front of the Anderson County Courthouse. It reminds me that my life is significantly better because of people who go to work everyday to serve others, not knowing if they will return home. On the reverse side of the monument is a list of law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty.

September 19, 2009

New Toy

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The focus is all wrong in this pic — but when I stumbled across it in my “yard sale archives,” I couldn’t resist posting. Hope this little boy is still playing with and enjoying his new snake.

September 18, 2009

Neighbor Frenchie

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This adorable Frenchbull dog and her brother (ooo–I hope I have that right!) were out for a walk with their mother when I got the chance to pet and hug them. SO excited they were! To be outside, to be walking, to be meeting new people. Frenchies are the best.

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