June 29, 2007

Many colors

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Part of the 2004 Fish Out of Water Hooked on the Arts series —  this fish, called Fish of Many Colors, was still on the courthouse square last summer. I was lucky to capture it, because the school of sculptures disappeared soon after. I learned why recently. Blue flags advertising the 2007 series appeared flying downtown. I’m so excited to see the new fish sculptures! Only two new ones downtown that I’ve seen so far. Hope to share all with you in the coming weeks. 🙂


June 28, 2007

Equal Justice

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Boring photo, I know — but but but! I had no idea until I walked by this house that Anderson had a branch of the S.C. Centers for Equal Justice. I was really surprised. It wasn’t until I went to work for an attorney that I realized how difficult it can be to get divorced, fight for custody, obtain child support from a deliquent payer — not to mention defend oneself in a lawsuit — if a person doesn’t have funds to retain a lawyer. And needless to say, attorney services are expensive. Well worth it, if you have a good attorney, but still out of reach for many. I’m proud Anderson has a branch of this equal justice program, but based on my experience with centers in other cities, the branches are funded to provide only a token amount of help compared to what is needed by those without means. A close-up picture of the house is here. It has some interesting architectural details.

June 27, 2007

Easter Eggs

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The Anderson County Farmer’s Market, open during the summer, appears small, but the quality is outstanding. I visited on Saturday and was impressed with the growers who bring their wares. The above picture shows eggs from the “Easter Egg Chicken.” It’s the common name — the more precise name I couldn’t pronounce. 🙂 The grower was quite friendly and in addition to the eggs, had beautiful fresh herbs and greens.

June 26, 2007

Yummy float

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I think this little boy is just the cutest thing! I took this picture last summer at the Civic Center park/lake. The little boy was well taken care of and watched carefully — but during the excitement of hooking a fish, he decided to investigate the floats. 🙂 I wasn’t taking a picture of him — but of the fish, and realized what he was doing once I saw the picture. I had to laugh. Hope it makes you smile as well. 🙂

June 25, 2007


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Not the greatest photo, I know — isn’t it weird how the perspective makes the firehouse look like it’s leaning over? But I couldn’t see to get a better photograph, and I wanted badly to show some kind of tribute to the nine firefighters killed in Charleston. (Some other pics are here.) There was an article in the Anderson Independant Mail about the firefighters from Anderson who went to the memorial service on Thursday. Just an incredible tragedy.

June 24, 2007

Typical Saturday a.m.

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On many Saturdays, my dear friend is kind enough to call and wake me up at 4:10 a.m. and pick me up at 4:35 a.m., so we can arrive at the Jockey Lot before 5 a.m. Yesterday we got there — according to her car clock — at a record 4:45 a.m….and four women were ALREADY there! The scrapbook lady arrived 15 or 20 minutes later, and by then we we were a nice but energetic crowd. You can see more pics here.

June 23, 2007

Oldest house

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Situated a short way down from the First Baptist Church, this house was referred to as the oldest in Anderson. Naturally I was intrigued. I read about it in a newspaper article — in one of those free journals littering my driveway. Unintentionally I threw the paper away (UGH!), and I don’t remember all the details regarding who lived here. (sigh) But it is a beautiful restoration — and obviously quite old. More pictures are here.

Update: I walked by the house on Saturday and the owner was sitting outside drinking her morning coffee. She was very nice and pointed me to this article in the Anderson Independent Mail: Couple Seeks to Preserve History of Orr House. The house is called the Christopher Orr Tavern House and is 175 years old. It was the childhood home of James Lawrence Orr, who became S.C. governor after the Civil War. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

June 22, 2007


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He looks so serious and professional, doesn’t he? From Saturday’s baseball tryouts.

June 21, 2007

Sunny woodwork

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Saturday I stumbled upon this house not far from downtown. Isn’t this woodwork amazing? I wonder, is it original? A view of the overall front of the house is here.

June 20, 2007


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I love this shot. It’s from Saturday’s baseball tryouts. The runner is sliding into third. Can’t wait until Saturday to see if more little fellas or gals are playing.

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