January 24, 2010

Tudor Arch

Another view of the above pic is here. This house is one of my favorites, and not just on Boulevard. I’ve admired it a long time and even have posted a pic of it in years past, but I didn’t know then that it is a Tudor Revival. (I like having lables for things. Makes my crazy life seem more orderly. 🙂 ) That amazing, lucious front-door arch? A “Tudor Arch.” I love how the brick, the wooden door, and frame all echo the shape. The two front (steeply arched) overlapping gables also cry “Tudor.” This is the first home I’ve noticed though with such intricate detailed brick work at the peak of each gable (and also at the base of the second gable). Lastly, notice the lonely dormer at the left? From what I understand, a dormer is a window in a sloping roof, an additional Tudor element. Just adorable. A picture of the entire house is here. Check out the “chimney pots” at the top of the chimney. Yes, another Tudor characteristic. 🙂


January 23, 2010

Group of Three

I love how the two side windows in this grouping of three are slightly smaller than the middle one. Cool detail, huh? (Much better than those energy efficient replacement windows I’m honestly tempted by. ) I’m still on my Historic-Boulevard-District-Tudor-Revival kick. And this older beauty must be a Tudor. (I’m such a rooter for the small house. 🙂 ) From my little bit of Googling, Tudor Revivals often have steeply pitched gables (the one on this house is frankly pretty flat — but there is a quasi-second gable);  decorative brackets under the roof — like the ones above and in this picture; and a mixture of stucco and brick and decorative wood timbering. Tudor Revival. Do you agree?

January 20, 2010

Tudor Revival?

The Boulevard Historical District (a local designation) contains architecturally interesting homes — both large, medium, and small. I’m guessing the above charmer is a Tudor Revival. Do you agree? A picture of one similar is found on page 23 of “Historic Districts in Anderson, South Carolina.” I love the white wood. (I wonder if that is what the article means by “half-timbering.”) And, of course, the diamond-patterned window panes. Very cool. (You can tell it was overcast this past Sunday. I barely got the pics taken before the rain started.) Another view of the above pic is here. Though the front perspective is possibly more charming, the above view allows us to see the gorgeous side gable and the depth of the front two gables, where the entry way is more prominent.

August 15, 2008

Charming older lady

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IMG_3698 by you.

I was looking for cool things to photograph when the dogs and I walked past this older home in the community around Anderson University. It may have been on College Avenue, but don’t hold me to that. The details of this house. Really really cool. The stone artfully placed with the chimney’s brick work. Four front windows — ALL different shapes. The diamond paned window, second from the left. The round front door with the adorable windows and the screen door made to fit. The large window under the front gable (is that the right word?) and the half-moon “window” in the front gable, obscurred in this photo by the pecan tree leaves. I even love the scraped-paint look. Oh, and the screen porch off to the right — seen in this photo. Very cool indeed.

March 15, 2008

Doll house

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How could I not help but love this sweet house in Old North Anderson? The window on the door and the window to the side. So cute. And I love the red door itself. A larger view is here.

February 29, 2008

Certainly Copper

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I’ve always loved this house. The entry way is so charming, as is the screen door. A full pic is here.

October 13, 2007

Charming entrance

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The entrance of this home in Old North Anderson just charms me. Love the round door and brickwork — and the windows in the door are delightful.

June 5, 2007

Matching window

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Is this not the cutest door and window combo? I love how the window matches the shape of the door. And I admire the brick work around the door frame. This sweet house is found in what the realtors call Old North Anderson, on Edgewood Avenue.

March 9, 2007

Rock accents

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This house, located near the Anderson County Library, caught my eye because of the neat stone accent around the door. Then I saw the door. How quaint! Here is a view of the house.

February 21, 2007

Red door

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I’m fascinated with Doorways Around the World. When I saw this front door and its adorable top peak — isn’t it cute? — I had to take a photo. The entire house is here.

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