December 31, 2007

“The” Fountain

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“The” fountain. One of those Anderson icons seen often in city fliers and web sites. Most pictures are of the entire fountain, which is quite intricate with multi-levels. Striking. Intriguing. I went up-close because the water is currently cut off for the winter. Hope to return when the weather warms. It is located on the grounds of the Anderson County Museum.

The fountain base indicates it was donated by the Anderson Civic Association in 1905. (Another date on the base is 1904.) I wonder if that organization has morphed into another since then, because I hadn’t heard of it prior. The base also says it is dedicated to the memory of Gen. Robert E. Anderson. In researching General Anderson, of whom Anderson County is named, I found an interesting biography on the Anderson County Museum Web site.

Other pictures and several of my questions about the fountain are here.

Update: I just found a neat article about the restoration of the fountain. Very interesting.


December 29, 2007


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From the construction site of yesterday. He looks like a serious Panda Bear to me, with his little paws at the ready. I was delighted to finally “see” a face in the world around me. The Web site “Faces in Places” always makes me smile.

December 28, 2007

New construction on the hill

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The clean lines of this building fascinated me, especially as it was surrounded by quite a bit of red mud. (It was another brillant grey, breezy, chilly winter morning.) There wasn’t a sign to indicate what the building would become, but it is adjacent to the fairly new Hilton Garden Inn. Both are positioned on a hill overlooking highway I-85 and Exit 19. I did my best to photograph the highway and commercial growth around the exit, but predicatably the shots came out distant and without focus. Kind of like retail sprawl. 🙂

The real estate around Anderson’s Exit 19 seems to be booming. I don’t know a whole lot about it — but the rumor is that more and more growth is expected, including possibly *glup* a mall. Already in the 7 years I’ve lived in Anderson, Exit 19 has gone from 1 or 2 gas stations  and a Hardees to a complex of restaurants, hotels, and even a movie theater.

December 27, 2007

Star shape?

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I find the Anderson County Veterans Memorial to be simple and striking. I especially like the shape. A star? And the fact that the visitor walks through the monument to read the names of those from Anderson County who served during war time. A flag from each military branch flies around the U.S. and the S.C. state flags. Across from the POW / MIA flag is a marker dated 1972 with the names Robert S. Fant, Jr., Richard T. Simpson, POWs / MIAs from the Vietnam War.

December 26, 2007

Served in WW2

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The time off from work around the holidays allowed me to visit some new parts of Anderson, including the Anderson County Veterans Memorial. This picture shows some of the names of those who served in World War II. (Those who died during military service have a + symbol by their names.)

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

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December 24, 2007

Holiday commercialism

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Hooked on the Arts by you.

Well, where was I Christmas Eve? Cozied up with my nephew reading a book?  Laughing with my sisters while whipping up egg nog? Teasing my dad and watching DIY? Uh, no. I was shopping. No warm fuzzies or relational growth going on at all. And look what I found: a Hooked on the Arts Fish in the store! I had to roll my eyes, knowing that as much as I love my fish statues, this wasn’t a great find on Christmas Eve. Especially since I’m fairly ashamed to admit where I was shopping. None other than the merchandising capital of commerce — Harley Davidson. Can you see the saddle seat on the fish’s back? The fish hook attached to the handle bars? The exhaust foot rest? I have to admire the creativity of the design. Because I nearly loath my willingness to pay three times the price for an item because of its name brand — and be so glad to find the right size! Merry Christmas Eve.

December 23, 2007


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The Chiquola Hotel. I had passed it many times, before its rennovation began, and never recognized it as a hotel or even a unified building. The area above just looked like a series of storefronts to me. The transformation is amazing. It is an incredible addition to Anderson’s downtown. Kudos to the developers. I sincerely hope you make your investment back many times over. The rennovation is close to completion, with luxury condos, a Chiquola Club, and a fine restaurant within. Most of the condos appear sold, and the club is said to be already open.

One interesting point. I was tickled to see this old postcard of the Chiquola. In 1889 when the hotel opened, a street ran in front of that beautiful front entryway and balcony!

December 21, 2007

Who knew?

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Another image captured on Saturday. It is a plaque found on the foundation of the Anderson County Courthouse. What? Are you as confused as I am? Anyone who knows why such a plaque would be on such a public building, please let us know. Very curious.

I have been noticing Mason symbols and signs more since researching my father’s family line. Though Dad is not a Mason, the symbolism is on quite a few of his family’s tombstones: his father’s, uncle’s, first cousin’s. Most of the adult men in his family died in their 30s, so this part of the family legacy has been lost.

December 20, 2007

Downtown decorations

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Simple but effective decorations. Saturday morning was soooo dark! It looks like dusk in the picture.

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