February 26, 2010

Watch Me

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The above pair participating in the dog show at the Carolina First Center in Greenville on February 20. The boxer is quite engaged by the handler, isn’t he? (Another view is here.)


February 25, 2010


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I saw this beauty on Saturday, February 20, when I visited the Carolina First Center in Greenville and the dog show hosted by the Spartanburg Kennel Club. It was a weekend of three shows: the Greenville Kennel Club on Friday, Spartanburg on Saturday, and Hendersonville Kennel Club on Sunday. I love seeing all the dogs — but it is usually so dark, I don’t get good pics. The above sweet Mastiff was still enough for me to get a clear picture. (Another view is here.)

February 24, 2010

M&M Gas?

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I seized the day-after-our-snow (Feb. 13), to walk around South Main, near downtown. I was struck by this funky shaped building. Interesting. (Another view is here.)

February 19, 2010

Civic Duty

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I received an official looking letter in early February, alerting me to my selection as juror for municipal court. The letter contained directions, which I ignored and proceeded to the wrong place. Summary court and municipal court are not one and the same, it seems. Anderson Municipal Court is held in the city hall building; summary court behind the historic courthouse. Note to self: leave early for all appointments.

February 13, 2010

We got snow!

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We got snow on Friday night! I can’t tell you how beautiful it was coming down. I love the way the budding dogwoods hugged the snow in the trees. (Another view is here.)

February 11, 2010

Good, girl

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Doesn’t she listen and heel well? This beautiful Belgian Tervuren and her owner are practicing obedience at Anderson Dog Works.

February 9, 2010

Such a Sweetie

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I find it impossible NOT to melt. Is this dog not the most? She is patiently waiting for Jane Fink’s command during Advanced Puppy Class at Anderson Dog Works. I had never seen or even heard of a Belgian Tervuren until “meeting” this precious girl. She’s just a doll. Another view of the pic is here.

February 5, 2010

Icey Drip

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You know you’re old when you find moss fascinating — but this stuff really was! One last ice pic from Saturday. I was soooo disappointed we didn’t get more winter weather last night. But I’m very grateful to have power. I’m focusing on that. 🙂 (Another view of the pic is here.)

February 4, 2010

Drips Make Cicles

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A map of South Carolina at Chris Taylor Memorial Park, with icicles left from Friday night’s storm. Another view is here.

February 3, 2010

Bridge Ices Before Road

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I love this bridge at Chris Taylor Memorial Park. Though we didn’t get much ice on Friday, what we got was on the bridge. 🙂 (Another version of the pic is here.)

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