November 30, 2008

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Can you guess when I took this one? Black Friday morning, of course, at the Anderson Mall. 🙂 I never thought getting up that early would be worth it, but worth it smirsh it, it was exciting. And there were deals good enough to encourage me to do it again next year. I didn’t stand in the above line though. These folks were lined up at Belk — waiting for the 5:00 a.m. opening time (and it was ONLY 4:22!). And it was cold. Around the corner J.C. Penny opened at 4 a.m. I hightailed it over there and was enthralled with the sales, the people, the chatter, and of course, the energy of the moment. I actually found what I needed! After leaving J.C. Penny, I drove around and the best line I saw was at Target. Even the police were there. The cars flying around the parking lot were so numerous and the lights were so bright, I could have sworn it was daylight. Best Buy and Old Navy were already open, so I didn’t see those lines…maybe next year. 🙂


November 29, 2008

Weathered Well

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Another “pull over pull over!” shot. Love this barn. Glad it was close enough to the road for me to get a pic. Old Williamston Road, “on the way to the Jockey Lot.”

November 28, 2008

Also Thankful

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I hardly EVER ride in the passenger seat. A product of being single, I imagine. However, this Thanksgiving week I had the opportunity to ride with a friend around Anderson. And it was cool. I saw the same roads I travel frequently with new appreciation. I love that much of Anderson is still rural, though that is changing rapidly. When I saw the above scene, I asked my friend to pull over so I could get out, walk closer to the fence, and take this shot. Something I probably wouldn’t have done if I had been driving. Old Williamston Road.

November 27, 2008


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Whew! I can’t believe the gas prices have come down — and are going down. I hope it’s a trend that continues. That extra $20 in my pocket feels REALLY good. The above photo was taken on Old Williamston Road on Tuesday. Driving home from my dad’s house tonight, I noticed the gas prices have gone down even more! The lowest I saw was $1.59. Can you believe it?

November 26, 2008

Half Full

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Thanksgiving is upon us. A cool concept. A designated day to consciously give thanks. With the fam. The community. And yet, as with many holidays, it’s a period of anxiety. For me anyway. I haven’t even posted in the last two days. 🙂 The above faded flowers, found in the New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery, are placed against a rusted rod sticking out of the ground, with no recognizable grave close by. They remind me to choose to be positive. In the midst of whatever. To be humble. To remember the greater perspective. (Not my personal hangnails.) To contribute peace and something pretty (or funny), not anger. Instead of dreading Thursday’s rituals and traditions, and the possible tension and stomach clenching that may be involved, I can choose to give thanks for the good.

November 23, 2008

Nearest the Old Building

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New Prospect Baptist Church, just off Centerville Road. I’m standing near the back of the cemetery, facing the older wooden building. To the left, of course, is the newer brick edifice. See the barren part in the center of the picture? It’s surrounded by fairly closely placed graves on the left and right. I’m slow on the uptake. It took walking from the far right of the cemetery (which has a road as a boundary) past the “barren” ground into the newer graves to realize. That bare ground holds a host of graves, pre-1900. The oldest graves I found in the cemetery are on the edge of this grassy area. I didn’t look terribly hard, but the oldest I could find is an individual who died in 1875. (Not old for Europe, but blinkingly old for my part of the world.) I imagine this grassy spot had no markers for its graves, or its graves gradually lost markers through the years. I’d love to read some history on the church and cemetery.

It’s definitely a “Bolt” cemetery. I wouldn’t have noticed maybe how many Bolts are buried there if I hadn’t somewhat recently met a Bolt in Greenville, who surprised me by hailing from Anderson. Yep. I asked next time I saw her. And, yep. Her family still attends New Prospect.

November 22, 2008

The Ranch

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El Arriero — a deliciously loud and festive Mexican restaurant on Hwy 24. I like the salsa (it has a flavor I can’t quite place) and LOVE the energy of the place. It’s hopping.

I found the restaurant through directions from a friend that involved driving up Hwy 24 from downtown. A simple drive, though quite long. Finally arriving, I slowed down and turned on the left blinker. A different friend who came with me said, “Look up there. It’s Ingles. You know. That Ingles intersection. Annnnd WHYYYYY didn’t we drive up Whitehall to get here?” Well. El Arriero isn’t in the middle of “nowhere” on Hwy 24. It’s quite close to Hartwell Lake, the Centerville Road and Hwy 24 intersection, and even I-85. No wonder El Arriero is always so crowded!

November 20, 2008

Wrapped around my…

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Isn’t this little one just adorable? She has this “Let’s go!” face — and the wrapped leash seems to indicate she’s been trying to go in spite of her owner. 🙂 This is the Anderson Dog Works reception area. Jane, the trainer, has the larger puppies play separately from the little guys.

November 19, 2008

Puppy Kindergarten

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I love visiting Anderson Dog Works, a training center located just past Ryobi on the 28 bypass. Jane Fink is a dog trainer with common sense and a calm, assertive manner. I dropped by to observe the above puppy obedience class. The young ones had graduated from puppy kindergarten where free play is part of the class, so this first day of obedience opened with free play as well. Love that standard poodle!

November 18, 2008

My Dream Home

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I wouldn’t normally post two home pictures back to back — but I crossed paths with this house the same day as the one below. The owner and her next-door neighbor were yardsaling in the neighbor’s yard. She caught me taking pics of her home. “I’m so glad you like my house!” she said. And I really do. I love the clean lines, the green of the plants, and the tranquil feeling it evokes. The owner said she redid the home herself, even making the window boxes. Very cool. 🙂 As one who is often overwhelmed with the responsibility of maintaining a home, I appreciate and value this home’s small scale, beautifully cared for.

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