March 7, 2010


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They say Spring is coming. I’m not sure I’m ready. Would love some more snow like this. From February 13. (Another view here.)


February 13, 2010

We got snow!

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We got snow on Friday night! I can’t tell you how beautiful it was coming down. I love the way the budding dogwoods hugged the snow in the trees. (Another view is here.)

February 5, 2010

Icey Drip

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You know you’re old when you find moss fascinating — but this stuff really was! One last ice pic from Saturday. I was soooo disappointed we didn’t get more winter weather last night. But I’m very grateful to have power. I’m focusing on that. 🙂 (Another view of the pic is here.)

February 4, 2010

Drips Make Cicles

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A map of South Carolina at Chris Taylor Memorial Park, with icicles left from Friday night’s storm. Another view is here.

February 3, 2010

Bridge Ices Before Road

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I love this bridge at Chris Taylor Memorial Park. Though we didn’t get much ice on Friday, what we got was on the bridge. 🙂 (Another version of the pic is here.)

February 2, 2010

Icey Fun

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I love Chris Taylor Memorial Park — mostly for the ducks and geese, but also for the little wooden bridge and surrounding bamboo. The tiny bit of ice we had on Friday night clung to the bamboo pretty well, huh?

December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day

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No, I really don’t know what Boxing Day is…but I hear it’s the day after Christmas, and really, shouldn’t the day after Christmas have a title?

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

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December 13, 2009

Camp on Hartwell Lake

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I snapped this picture while watching the parade, thinking, “What is Camp Providence?” I typed the web site into my browser not expecting much — and to my surprise, Camp Providence has an engaging, colorful, and refreshing web presence. Too many nonprofit sites are, well, frankly flat. The Camp Providence web site includes animation (that doesn’t bog down my computer), pictures of camp life, and all the important pages clickable in more than one spot. I love the home page combination of black background and a photograph of the camp’s main building, white, but colorfully decorated with drying beach towels. As I reviewed the site, I couldn’t help thinking, someone has taken care to select good pictures and place them well. And as I look at the above pic, I think the same can be said for Camp Providence’s parade float: a seasonal skirt, real greenery and straw, a decorated Christmas tree, a sign spectators can actually read, and float riders with santa hats. I think I want to visit Camp Providence in July. 🙂 (Another view of the above pic is here.)

December 12, 2009

Working in the Cold Air

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I imagine these girls were not cold, unlike those of us just standing and watching the parade. I really enjoyed the “whoosh” of the flags and the drama and color they add to the band’s parade.

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