July 31, 2008

New puppy?

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IMG_2580 by you.

Is this not the most adorable puppy? Her potential new owner is cute, too, with the cell phone at the ready. I wonder if she’s calling her significant other to say, “I’m at Pet Smart, and you’ll never believe what I found…” ūüôā Adoptions are held each Saturday by Upstate Animal Rescue. (Photo from a couple of weeks ago.)


July 30, 2008

Coming soon

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Following up with my theme from yesterday. ūüôā I’m not a big shopper, but it’s been fun to watch the progression of the construction around the mall. I wonder when Dillard’s is scheduled to open — its appears to be very near completion.

July 29, 2008

We have a police report

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IMG_2976 by you.

As a 23-year-old, living alone in a small but cozy trailer, my 15-year-old neighbor came to my door screaming and crying, “Tim has my mom on the floor by her hair!” I was never so thrilled to see three cop cars, sirens blazing,¬†flying down the hill toward our road. What would I have done if they hadn’t come? Or hadn’t come so instantly? I’m grateful.

But (you heard it coming), I look at this picture and feel irritated. Irritated that I had to account for my actions to a stranger, even one so nice and polite.

“M’am, we received a police report that someone is taking a lot of pictures of the Mall.”

“Well, I wasn’t actually taking ‘a lot’ of pics of the Mall,” I explained.

He asked to see the shots. Leaning over the view finder to shade against the sun — he didn’t want to hold the camera himself — he watched as I¬†clicked through¬†pics of the¬†new Dillards construction, flowers, my dog, the above¬†fire hydrant, a motorcycle, a row of hedges, a blue mail box. This¬†seemed to alleviate his concern.

“Are you sure you’re not doing espionage for another mall?” I laughed. In an effort to explain why he stopped me he shared: recently Mall security questioned a woman who had taken hundreds of pics of Mall fire exits. She refused to talk, so security turned¬†her over to the police, who she also refused to talk with. And then there was the laborer working on the new Dillard’s construction who was¬†caught snapping pics of the blue prints.

So, maybe the crisply dressed security guy had a reason to talk to me. But I’m still irritated. And he wouldn’t let me take a pic of his tattoo either. Grrrr.

July 28, 2008

Only in Theory

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IMG_2948 by you.

I love the irony in this sign. ūüôā Firestone Tire, beside IHOP and the Mall. I discovered in taking this pic, that¬†Firestone is¬†open before noon on Sunday. Good to know. I seem to pick up a nail every other month.

July 25, 2008

Downtown steeple

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I love the style of older church steeples — and this one from the Presbyterian Church on Whitner is no exception. This particular church is very interesting: its age, architecture, cemetery. Now if I could remember its precise name…Maybe 1st Presbyterian? Not sure.

July 24, 2008


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I confess. The S.C. National Guard headquarters is next door to Brusters. So one day, licking my chocolate cone, I steered the car over toward the big tank. My excuse? My¬†on-going quest for¬†pics¬†of Anderson.¬†A tank is hard to ignore. But I’d driven by it for 8 years without really looking. Normally the entrance is chained off. ¬†Not so that Saturday. The chain was down, and the lot was full of cars, well…vehicles —¬†trucks and SUVs. I tooled over to the tank, which rests at the far side of the parking lot, nearest Mall Blvd. After my second camera¬†“click,” the loudest, most obnxious siren began to sound. I looked around, fearing shouts and angry accusations. Not one person appeared from the building. Thinking that haste equals guilt, I backed up slowly and made for the exit, marveling at that really loud siren.

One of my pics captured the plaque / sign in front of the tank, otherwise known as M42A1 “Duster,” and I was able to read it when I got home.¬†Manufactured in the 1950s, Duster was operated in the field by six-person crews in Korea and Vietnam. The last sentence from the informational sign reads, “From 1959 to 1987, the ‘Duster’ was the weapon system of the 2-263 Air Defense Artillery Battalion S.C. Army National Guard, headquarted in Anderson, S.C.”

July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

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A horde of wait staff singing off key? No! says Fuddruckers of Anderson. Instead, a pleasant young woman with a very nice voice sings Happy Birthday over the intercom specifically to the lucky client. Afterward we all clap, of course. More Fuddruckers photos here.

July 22, 2008

Warm wood

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Have you ever seen so much yellow wood in your life? I like the overall effect, though I wouldn’t want it in my house. Anderson City Hall is fairly new (last 10 or 20 years?) and the outside blends really well with the historic county courthouse not far away and the overall look of downtown. Above is the municipal court room, 15 minutes or so before the judge enters and sits at the highest desk in the center. Inmates facing the judge enter through the door to the left (outside the pic’s frame). I don’t know the title of the lady sitting at the desk to the left, but she probably coordinates the hearings, as she provides the judge with documents related to each case. Fascinating scene for one not accustomated to the judicial process.

July 21, 2008

Before the night lights

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This little bird was so loud, I had to find it. Wish I had a telephoto, but I love the blue background nevertheless. Longhorn Steak House, a/k/a “where Don Pablo’s used to be.”

July 18, 2008

Quite a Grill

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The historic courthouse at dusk. Darkness falling quickly. Do the three skinny windows look like teeth to you? And the circle ones, eyes? The red nose is pretty cool. Reminds me of Faces¬†in Places. A fun blog all about unusual “faces.” ūüôā

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