January 14, 2010

Warm Chocolate

And finally a house on (North) Boulevard. I love the painted brick, the winding brick entryway (another “characteristic” of residential historic districts) and, of course, the rounded steps and balcony. (Doncha love the Christmas tree? I swear I took this picture last Saturday!) There’s something so traditional and soothing about this house amidst the large trees. And I love the brown shutters. Warm chocolate. A larger view of the pic is here.

Colonial Revival. I can state this home’s architectural style so suredly because a picture of the house is found on page 20 of “Historic Districts in Anderson, South Carolina.” Otherwise, I’d be clueless. 🙂 Page 20 makes me realize I missed the parts of the house on either side of the above picture. Next time. If you’d like to see my distractors (or the excuse I use for missing the entire house) — you can click here. For distractions, they are quite cute.


February 23, 2008


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I’ve known Linley Park since I moved to Anderson. A beautiful swath of green between two one-way streets. Its an enormous median, really, with two ball fields, a playground, a picnic shelter.

Only in the last couple of years though had I heard of “the Lindley House.” Walking by the house, I noticed this engraving in the concrete. The Lindly House faces the park on a small hill in granduer. Were the Lindleys old landowners? Real estate developers?

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