March 10, 2010

Fine Arts

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The above pic is of Anderson University’s Fine Arts Center. The seating was PACKED the night of the performance of the Anderson Senior Follies. It’s a beautiful building for a fun event. You can see a blurry bit of Annette, the Follies Director, to the right in blue. 🙂


January 17, 2010

Central Pres

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I couldn’t leave the grounds of Central Presbyterian Church without a picture of the church itself. I took the above with my wide setting, 18 mm, and you can tell it’s a bit distorted. However, I love getting it all in a shot. Sorry for the shadows!

January 16, 2010

Bell Tower

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Central Presbyterian Church, located on Boulevard, has an interesting bell tower in its grounds. (An up-close is below.) You can tell the light for the pic wasn’t optimum; unfortunately the steeple is pretty washed out, but hopefully it’s an accurate image, nonetheless. (I took this pic last Sunday. Sat., Jan. 16, was dark and overcast and the rain came in about mid-day.)

January 15, 2010

Electronic Bells

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As Mina and I walked along North Boulevard, I was surprised to “discover” a tower of bells on the grounds of Central Presbyterian Church. It’s a big tower, but I just had never noticed it before. The largest and bottom bell is engraved with a memorial, as is a plaque beneath the tower: “In thanksgiving for the life of Samuel Hammond Huff, Jr., MD, Nov. 27, 1922 to Sept. 11, 1993.” A larger version of the picture is here.

August 21, 2009

Where in the World Is David?

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I’ve always loved photographing feet. Sometimes it turns out well, sometimes not so good. Can you guess where this pic was taken? I’ve posted a pic of that putt-ready green carpet before. 🙂 Sunday was the first church service for Capstone Community Church in their new-to-them facility on West Whitner. (Formerly Central Baptist Church) A lot of remodeling was done to bring the building up to code — and to make it suit the needs of the new congregation. You can see the two-tone greens where the members removed part of the wooden altar to make a larger podium. In the above photo, David, the pastor, is sharing the message. (He has cool shoes, huh?)

August 12, 2009

Anderson Interfaith Ministries

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A view from inside AIM’s Food Pantry. (The road above is Murray Avenue.) AIM or Anderson Interfaith Ministries provides a variety of programs for the needy in Anderson and its surrounding communities. The more I learn about AIM, the more grateful I am to have its services in our area.

August 11, 2009


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Can you guess where this offering of bread is? (Or rather, what group offers this bread?) If you are from Anderson, it shouldn’t be too hard a guess. (I’ll reveal where tomorrow.)

With our bread, we want some water, right? Check out this pic from Antigua Daily Photo. Sobering, huh? I take simply turning on a faucet for granted.

Update: Congratulations, Eric! Eric correctly guessed that the above bread is provided to the hungry in our community by AIM or Anderson Interfaith Ministries.

July 16, 2009

Older Plucky Critter

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Can you guess what’s happening in this photo? Proselytizing, that’s what! 🙂 It’s not often that I have a camera at just the right moment. I was in the midst of photographing dogs — when, ba-boom! A friendly Pope Drive church member appeared and invited our children to VBS — vacation Bible school. Neither my friend in the picture nor I have children — nor do the friends whose yard we were crashing. Strike three, in a way for the outreach group. They were undaunted. We pointed out the child-filled homes within sight distance, and they went on their way. Wishing the best for VBS and the kids attending.

July 15, 2009

Plucky Critter

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This plucky little creature picked up his daddy’s shoe and went exploring Capstone Community Church‘s sanctuary. (Sorry for the grain.) The church is holding services at AmStar Theaters while congregants rennovate the church building on Whitner.

Tracey, a work friend from Connecticut, could make me laugh so hard tears streamed from my eyes. I always snapped to attention when she began a story with, “Brian said…” Brian, her husband, also from Connecticut, acheived cult status in our lunch bunch. Stories involving the sardonic, deaf-in-one-ear, dish-washing, cooking-and-cleaning, athletic, hammer-handy former sailor were always the juciest and most tear-inducing. (I often told her that I wanted to find my own Brian, to which she just rolled her eyes, shaking her head as if I didn’t quite get the stories. 🙂 )

“Brian said,” Tracey began, after explaining how much her two cherished little girls LOVED being involved in the local church. “They have friends from school who go there,” she expounded, “and they like the Wednesday and Sunday night activities.” The tone of her story was incredulous — her girls enjoying this constant church attendance. “If we don’t go, they ask why!” she said with a laugh. “Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. Brian said flat out he wasn’t doing all that,” she said, again laughing. Her children who had picked up Southern accents at school had also picked up this enjoyment of church. “Oh, we went to church up North,” she said. “But not THREE TIMES a week!” We all laughed and nodded.

Three times a week is pretty traditional, but not something every church still follows. Capstone has Sunday service at 10 a.m., and members meet in home groups during the week. Maybe that schedule would have been okay for Brian. 🙂

July 7, 2009

Calhoun Academy

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Calhoun Academy of the Arts has the coolest building decoration I’ve come across. Gigantic representations of music, drama, writing, painting — the arts. Found on Calhoun Avenue

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