April 30, 2010

Where in Anderson: eating?

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Hmmmm….Where in Anderson would you find peanuts (gratis), lemonade, malt vinegar, a BAG OF FRIES, thick hamburgers, and oh-so-elegant tableware?


April 24, 2010

Where in Anderson: Geodetic Survey

Filed under: Where in Anderson? — lessie @ 3:27 am

I looked. And looked again. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey? Whaaaa? I’ve only seen this one other time — at Ceasar’s Head State Park. (Not that I”m all hip to surveys and geodetic thing-a-ma-bobs.) Look at the date: 1933. Cool. Elevation: 797.226 feet. Above sea level, I’m guessing. What is “R 6”? Now for the big question: WHERE IN ANDERSON is this U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Benchmark? (That you better not disturb, at risk of a $250 fine!) Any knowledgable folks out there? You won’t guess it unless you’ve happened to have seen it. Because in my opinion it’s in a VERY weird place. I wonder why it’s THERE… Can’t wait to see your respones. 🙂 (Another view is here.)

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