September 30, 2008

Cooler weather, but not quite fall

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Cooler and wetter has been our weather lately. I love the fresh breeze and the wet grass and roads. This weekend was muggy, muggy, muggy — but this morning was bliss. Cool and refreshing. Still not quite Fall, but Autumn is getting closer.

Above is a plant, I believe it’s called Elephant Ears, in a neighbor’s yard. Love the dew pooling on it. A larger pic is here.


September 29, 2008

Historic Home?

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So finally a full picture of the home in the shots below. 🙂 It is on Boulevard, adjacent to Boulevard Baptist. Though I have searched (a little) for information, I haven’t learned anything official about the history behind this home. The Anderson City web site has maps of the Boulevard Historic District, but individual homes aren’t labeled or described. The parking around this house appears a little commercial, so I wonder if it is no longer a personal residence. Notice the balcony behind the front columns? Quite an intriguing place. But like my mother says, wouldn’t want to clean it. 🙂

Angie, a friend who lives in Anderson, says she believes the above home is known as the Brown House. Is this the Dexter Brown Home listed on the Anderson City web site? Hmmm…

September 27, 2008


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IMG_3835 by you.

I love these columns — the height is amazing. And the scrolls are pretty cool. And the blue porch ceiling. Very nice. Same house as below. Any closer to recognizing?

The columns are so intriguing (even sculpture-like) that I wanted to learn the name — Ionic. (Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew they had a name.) One online source says the Ionic scrolls or volutes were designed by the Greeks to resemble the goddess Diana’s hair curls. Would never have thought. It’s possible there is egg-and-dart between the volutes, but the picture isn’t close enough for me to be sure.

September 26, 2008

Decorated Urn

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This asparagus fern grows in a beautiful urn ornamented with flowers and lattice. I love the overall texture and color. I snapped it outside what I’m guessing is an Anderson historic home. (Yeah, I got kinda close…) The home sits proudly in the Boulevard Historic District. Can you name the home?

September 25, 2008

Smart Car

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The Smart Car is so adorable! I was enamored with the idea of driving one, until I heard the price tag. Not a “cheap option.” But so cute! It was surprisingly hard to photograph — trying to find the right focus. I need to pay better attention to those commerical ads for perspective hints! A fuller shot is here.

September 24, 2008

Cluck Cluck

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A jungle? A finca? A poultry farm? No! It’s little ole Old North Anderson. My neighbors have chickens and roosters, which don’t seem to smell by the way. Just call them Martha Stewart. 🙂 They seem to be really nice people (i.e., they wave when I walk or drive by ) but I haven’t met them personally. When I do, I want to ask…are the chickens broilers, layers, or just a good source of fertilizer? 🙂

September 23, 2008

Walking Mates

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I often see this mixed group of canines and human walking in the evening. However, this day they were walking earlish in the morning. (It was hot and sunny already, as you can see from the shadows.) Chester, the black lab, is an older member of the family. The adorable beagle is a recent addition, a stray, that the family took in. Wish I could remember her name. And predicatably I didn’t get the name of the human either. Sigh. My animal skills are more honed then my people ones. 🙂

Later note: Thanks, Jeff! Sadie is the cute beagle and Barry is the dogs’ guardian. It takes a village. 🙂

September 22, 2008

Old can be better than new

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IMG_0136 by you.

Cable is too dad-burn expensive. UGH. I don’t need all those channels. And there’s nothing worse than watching HGTV at my dad’s house: I am glued, mesmerized as if in hypnosis. Unable to move, drool runs down my chin, until a commercial, when with a snort I wake up and wipe it away. My dad prefers CNN, even fishing. He says all I ever want to watch are “house” programs. And it’s true. At his home. With CABLE. But no, I don’t need it. Not at all. Really.

However, I do wish that the antenna above was still connected to … whatever in my house. So I could use it, like when I was a kid. The super-dooper Best Buy rabbit ears still leave channel 4 fuzzy. But who needs to see Law and Order clearly, anyway? Too much blood. Fuzzy is better. Really.

On another note, happy First Day of Fall! Check out the Google doodle in honor of this day. It’s kinda cool. (Scroll down to Sept. 22 to see it.)

September 19, 2008

Sunny morning

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I caught these happy blossoms last Saturday, a bright sunny morning. They are growing up against a stop sign, placed in the far corner of a neighbor’s lot. The neighbors created a flower bed with tomato plants and peppers around that stop sign, turning what was solely utilitarian into something beautiful.

September 18, 2008

Church Street Monument

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Church Street in downtown Anderson has a special history. I don’t know the specific dates, but from the early 1900s to the 1980s (?), Church Street was a center of African American commerce. (I imagine 1986, referenced above on the plaque, was the year the city demolished many old buildings along this road for parking space.)

During segregation, black folks were assured friendly service on Church Street, as well as the opportunity to meet and visit with friends and acquaintances. I need to learn more about the street’s history. Above is a monument placed on the west side of Church Street honoring the businesses and business owners that once thrived here.

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