January 31, 2007


Taken Saturday at the Anderson Regional Airport. The flags are at half-mast in honor of President Gerald Ford. I wasn’t aware of it, but flags were to stay at half-mast for 30 days after his funeral.

After working briefly with some very nice Canadians, I’m aware of how obnoxious our patriotism in the U.S. can seem. One of my favorite co-workers referred derisively to our “flag waving” and I can see his point. I love the international flavor of the Daily Photo community — and hope this picture of the U.S. flag and South Carolina state flag doesn’t offend. I post this and the one below, because the state flag is near and dear to my heart, so much so, that I would cut out the American flag for this posting if I could make it look natural. Here is why I feel so strongly…

You can’t help but love your home. No matter the problems, the difficulties. No matter the pain, the love doesn’t go away. This is the core of the Daily Photo philosophy, I’m sure. Why else would we all spend so much time photographing our homes? As proud as I am of being a native South Carolinian — my mom’s people hailing from the foothills and my dad’s folks from the sandhills — I am often ashamed of the unsavory and immoral aspects of my state’s history. Finally — they (no, we!) removed the Confederate flag from the state capitol building. Finally! As a young small-town-girl-come-to-the-capital-city, I remember peering out of the car window, craning my neck to view the rebel flag flying atop that maginficant domed building. It made me feel…strange. My parents didn’t talk about it. But I knew — or thought I knew — its implications, its inference. That’s precisely the problem (in my humble opinion) with that flag flying in the first place. As a symbol, each individual is free to draw his or her own inference, and with the horrific past the flag was originally raised to preserve, it represented much negative for too many South Carolinians. As the flag finally came down (finally!), there was an upsurgence in waving the true South Carolina flag, bright blue and vivid.  The South Carolina flag is now “in fashion,” appearing on jackets, car tags, key chains, hats, kerchiefs, coasters, notecards, and wall prints. With each sighting, my chest swells with satisfication. (Thank God it’s not the red one.) But my greatest pleasure is in seeing the palmetto tree and sliver of moon waving in an individual’s yard or on a car. In those locations — where the rebel flag is often flown — I imagine the South Carolina flag to be a defiant symbol: by its very presence, signifying that no Confederate flag waves here. At least, so it is for me. When I admire it, fly it, WAVE it — I do so defiantly. Vivid blue. Clean. The true South Carolina flag unites all South Carolinians, as we press on, optimistic for a better future.


January 30, 2007

Dogs, cats, and fish

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I couldn’t find anything to like about this particular fish sculpture, labelled “Dogs and Cats” and located near the Anderson County Farmer’s Market. Until I noticed the dog along the top of the body. I like the fluidity of his motion. The ball he carries, his bright red collar, and his gill-like ribs. And I love the mouth of the fish  — a tiny bird and nest inside — and the kitty on one of the fins.  🙂

January 29, 2007


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Stone found in the small “garden” in front of the Anderson County Arts Center. I like that its shape resembles a heart. I don’t like that someone has scattered butts near it! Oh, the cruel reality — beauty always juxaposed with ugly. Maybe those butts are actually ceramic and part of the display, leading us to consider the philosophical… (subsides into a coughing fit… 🙂 )

January 28, 2007


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The rails are all secured by one spike per tie. Skimpy.

January 26, 2007

Railroad trestle

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Perhaps old, but still active railroad trestle, over state highway 29.

Maggie, with trestle just beyond, waiting patiently for me to finish photographing.

January 25, 2007

Lake jaunt

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Something sentimental in this scene for me. The winter-laid-bare trees. The bridge over the lake. The baseball-capped guys riding in the boat. It’s chilly, and on the boat probably cold, but not too cold to enjoy the clear skies. Portman Marina, Hartwell Lake.

January 24, 2007

Out of amazement

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Maggie, Lily, and I were walking down the railroad tracks — enjoying the quiet, the isolation, and imagining my father or Radio doing the same thing one day in the past. Houses began to appear on the left-hand side of the tracks, their yards backed up to a creek with high banks, filled with trees and vines. It was a scene I had witnessed countless times before, freshness coming from the peek into the neighbors’ back yards from our position on the tracks. I stopped, immobile with shock when we happened upon this car. Pushed down into the creek, its age revealed by its rounded body lines.

January 23, 2007

Portman Marina

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Saturday Maggie and Lily and I went to Portman Marina to enjoy the weather. It was cool enough I needed a jacket, but by the time I got back to my car, I wanted to take it off. Hartwell Lake borders Anderson to the west. You can see from the buoy floating in the air, how low the lake level is. No one likes rain but farmers — but we need it and haven’t gotten enough of it. When I see the ring of mud around the lake where water was last summer, it makes me sad. The geese seem to have adapted.

January 22, 2007

Czech Chick

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I couldn’t resist taking this picture and posting it here. One thing I love about the Daily Photo Blogs is how it connects people from all over the world. Don’t know who owns this boat, moored at the Portman Marina in Anderson, but she is obviously a woman with international connections. And a sense of humor. Czech Chick is a pretty good tongue twister. 🙂

January 21, 2007

Arts Center

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Anderson County Arts Center — with a piece of art in its small front garden. I wish I knew more about the piece — it’s interesting. The kind that will only become more so as it ages and achieves a greater patina.

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