July 31, 2009

Tell the Truth

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Anderson has embarked on a public art project involving quotes placed along downtown spaces. I personally haven’t heard this quote before, but “tell the truth” reminds me of Tom Riddle’s order to Professor Dumbledore. To my mind’s ear, Tom-the-orphan’s arrogance was MUCH stronger in the book than in the movie. But I digress…”tell the truth,” an excellent value and motto. (And any astounding is always fun.)


July 30, 2009


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Sometimes I need the quiet. Quiet of the house is fine — where I hear only the humming of the refrigerator or the soft snoring of Croc, my baby beagle. Quiet of the neighborhood is better. After a rain, so no one is using power lawn equipment. Old North Anderson is an oasis in the city. Thanks, neighbor, for planting flowers like these.

July 29, 2009

Monday Night Flight

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Barron's picture

Thanks, Barron Cooley, for sharing this fantastic shot of Hartwell Lake — and teaching me about what I’m seeing. Barron writes below:

Thought you might enjoy a picture of Lake Hartwell with Portman Marina in foreground, looking north up the Seneca river. The old Portman dam (remember the generator downtown?) was between the two bridges on the Seneca River. The first bridge is highway 24 and the second, fartherest away, is I-85.

July 25, 2009


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If you haven’t been to Tucker’s on N. Main, it is worth going. Locally owned, elegant and refined — the food is delicious. The dining room is darkly lit, making photography a challenge, but I”m mostly pleased with this shot of the kitchen. It would be better if the waiter had been facing the camera — but he was working and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. 🙂 Tucker’s — good food.

July 24, 2009


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Porches are awesome things. This one does not have much of a view — mostly grass and then overgrown bushes along the railroad tracks — but I can still imagine myself resting here and letting my mind wander.  Just off Murray Avenue.

July 23, 2009

Scale is the Question

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I wanted to try and capture the scale of this beautiful flower bed in my neighbor’s yard. I’m not sure this pic is the best. Is this pic better? What do you think?

July 22, 2009

Arriero — New Fav

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I’ve been kinda sad lately. My favorite Mexican restaurant changed ownership. One day the wait staff and manager disappeared *poof* and new faces greeted us as we waited to be seated. The salsa was NOT as tasty. The service was NOT as rapid. I have been so disappointed! Fortunately, not long after, El Arriero opened on N. Main, where Capris used to be. DEE-LI-CIOSO. Rapid. Hot. Tasty. I have a new favorite. Please pass the salsa.

July 21, 2009


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Hunter by you.

Isn’t he beautiful? Hunter is a rescue. His previous owners probably gave him up because they had difficulty coping his exuberant personality and immense energy. And he’s also REALLY big. I had no idea Weimaraners were so tall — he gallops much like a horse. Fortunately he lives among horses on a small “ranch” just off the highway to Starr. There his energy is appreciated and valued. And aren’t his eyes just wonderful? (He has a tendency to want to nip for attention — so watching his eyes is a good thing. 🙂 )

Hunter reminds me of a fabulous web site called Daily Oliver. The web master, an owner of a vineyard in France, posts daily pics of his wiems. (One named Oliver.) They have land to run in and a house to lounge in. It’s a really cool site.

July 20, 2009

Little Yorkie

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This little guy was at Pet Smart waiting to see the vet. I asked about his breed and was surprised to hear Yorkshire Terrier. I guess I was bluffed by his short hair cut. So cute! Speaking of hair, isn’t hers fabulous? (And the pink bag!)

July 19, 2009

Oh, for a Kayak

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For many years, Grady’s, a locally owned store, has been Anderson’s only source for outdoor gear and equipment. Recently, however, Dick’s Sporting Goods has moved into a nearby shopping center. I hope Grady’s isn’t feeling too much of a pinch. I always want to root for the local guy. The serene pool (above) certainly made me want to stop, buy a kayak, and head to Hartwell Lake.

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