May 8, 2010

Beautiful Presentation

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Delicious! And beautiful. The orange of the carrot really adds to the plate, doesn’t it? I think “the” Thai place in Anderson is fantastic.  Thai Spice sits on Greenville Street right across from the hospital. The food is yum, the service efficient, and my only regret is that I can’t go every night. 🙂


April 23, 2010

Bubbling Pie

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The owner at New York Pizza was really nice and let me take his pic. The restaurant uses fresh and excellent-smelling ingredients. Garlic, my fav.

April 22, 2010

New York Pizza

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Kristin and Jon introduced me to New York Pizza, near Scoops, just across the way from PetSmart and AmStar. I might have lived my entire life without its fresh ingredients and hand-tossed crust. Oh, and the garlic knots are pretty darn good, too! It’s a fun restaurant with good food. Check it out. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jon! (Thanks to you and Kristin for buying me all that delicious pizza!) Another view is here.

April 16, 2010

Please Pass the Sweetenah

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So many beautiful things at Ooh La Lolly’s! In addition to delicious food, Lolly has books, jewelry, and lovely home decor. Did I mean the birds flying from the ceiling?

April 15, 2010

Ooh La Lolly

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Ooh La Lolly, on the corner of North Main and Federal, is a short skip from the Anderson Arts Center and right next door to Gallery 313. After feasting with our eyes at the gallery, we drifted next door to Lolly’s parisian domain and gnoshed on savory, sweet, and salty tid-bits. I had never been in this delightful restaurant, and it truly is exquisite. Open from 10 to 6 p.m., Lolly serves a relaxed lunch and lupper crowd, perfect for browsing Lolly’s selection of antiques, books, and French country home decor. Ooh La Lolly is also a prime spot for bridal luncheons, baby showers, and private group dining. My new fav lunch spot downtown! (Another view of the pic is here.)

March 30, 2010

A.P. “Doc” Durham

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Not the best angle I’m thinking. But I’ve been wanting to shoot this mural on the corner of S. Main and Franklin for the longest. Glad I finally got it. I wonder how old it is? Sitting in the car waiting for the light to change, I never noticed the tribute at the top: Dedicated to A.P. “Doc” Durham. Who was he? Anyone? Another view is here.

March 6, 2010

Snow, What Memories

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From the archives: A snapshot from our snow on February 13. I like the above, but now I wish I had a pic of the reflection! The bit I can see looks intriguing. 🙂

March 4, 2010

Habitat for Humanity

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This window from the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store looks out upon the downtown end of Murray Avenue. I love the light spreading over the brick and construction supplies.

March 3, 2010

Thrift Store for Construction Supplies

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Have you visited the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store in downtown Anderson? It’s got some cool stuff! All sales benefit Habitat for Humanity, of course. I like that it’s located in an old building — love the exposed brick. (Another view here.)

August 25, 2009

Pet Depo’s Sadie

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picnikfile_69Zgi4 by you.

Meet Sadie. She has the softest, most silky head I’ve ever patted. I had no idea goldens are so loving, gentle, and beautiful! Her mom owns and runs Pet Depo on Hwy 81/Greenville Street. It’s a fun store to walk around in — and they are willing to special order hard-to-find dog food and treats. (Fun fact: Did you know most grocery store brands are full of corn — which dogs don’t digest?)

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