April 30, 2008

Thorns redeemed

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Unkempt bank. Weeds, tall grasses. Long thorny branches, overlapping to form a seemingly impenetrable briar patch. And then I noticed the white flowers. They were everywhere. Blackberries! I no longer saw the thorns — but the flowers. And imagined the tart fruit.


April 29, 2008


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These quaint water fountains are outside the tennis courts at the Anderson Civic Center. I liked the shape.

And I couldn’t help thinking of City Daily Photo blogger E.K. from Accra, Ghana. His photo of daily water issues in Accra is … haunting? It puts the above photo in perspective and makes me grateful and ashamed that more don’t enjoy this luxury.

April 28, 2008

Main Street back to normal

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As of Monday, Anderson’s downtown has gone back to normal. For a brief weekend, we could walk with impunity down the center of either lane. Cool in itself.

April 27, 2008

Anderson Soiree

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As a proud aunt of two adorable pre-schoolers, this scene is so familiar. I was most likely smiling ear to ear while taking this picture. The little girl wanted to slide, but changed her mind on the way down. Mama (to the right) was ready with the camera and quickly comforted her baby.

The Anderson Soiree is this weekend. Come and enjoy.

April 26, 2008

Ta da!

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Isn’t he adorable? He and friends were playing football in the grass of the Civic Center on Thursday night. They were moving too fast to get good action shots — but at least I got his smile. 🙂

April 25, 2008

Park Police

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The girls and I visited Chris Taylor Park and Civic Center last night. Talk about JAMMED with people — little girls in soccer uniforms, big boys in local league t-shirts, serious softball players, and their fun-loving younger brothers and sisters. It was quite fun. (Unfortunately, no pets around the stands areas. So I poked my camera through the chain link fence over near the far right and far left fields. 🙂 )

Very cool thing was the security. I saw two security men in trucks (maybe same guy?) and this security man in the golf cart. Made me feel very safe.

April 24, 2008

11 on Sunday

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If you live in Anderson, you’ve seen 5 million pics of the historic courthouse — but I CAN’T HELP taking pictures of the building when I’m downtown. It’s just fabulous. And I always think of a dear friend’s son who I took downtown after watching the video “Beauty and Beast.” He looked up at the courthouse and said in awe, “It’s the Beast’s house.”

I took this pic two Sundays ago when the dogs and I were downtown. At 11 a.m. music started playing from the courthouse tower! I couldn’t put my finger on the name of the song. The second song, again, couldn’t find the name. Very cool music though. (It may have played more songs, but I got distracted after the second. Lily kept getting tangled in the leash. 🙂 )

April 23, 2008

Construction on Murray

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Big machines. Big hooks. Earth moving. Cool. “They” tore down the building on the corner of Murray and Whitner and seem to be building something new. The process is almost more fun than the final product.

April 22, 2008

Love that metal roof

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This has become one of my fav houses around Anderson. Oh! Get out of the way, Lily! Here’s a picture without her interference. 🙂 I adore the metal roof and the fans on the front porch. I don’t walk this street too often, so I can’t say for sure when the remodel was completed, but I can say much, much work was done. It’s just gorgeous.

April 21, 2008

Skeleton Fish?

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This Hooked on the Arts fish is on the sidewalk surrounding the Anderson County Arts Center Warehouse. Its title is Treasure Fish. I was concentrating so hard on the “fin” details that I missed the focus of the fish’s gaze — the cell tower. I have never noticed such a tower in the downtown area. Maybe they are now so ubiquitous that they’ve become invisible — to me at least. Another view of the fish is here.

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