April 23, 2010

Bubbling Pie

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The owner at New York Pizza was really nice and let me take his pic. The restaurant uses fresh and excellent-smelling ingredients. Garlic, my fav.


April 22, 2010

New York Pizza

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Kristin and Jon introduced me to New York Pizza, near Scoops, just across the way from PetSmart and AmStar. I might have lived my entire life without its fresh ingredients and hand-tossed crust. Oh, and the garlic knots are pretty darn good, too! It’s a fun restaurant with good food. Check it out. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jon! (Thanks to you and Kristin for buying me all that delicious pizza!) Another view is here.

April 21, 2010

Don’t Tap on the Glass

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This is one of those photos that I post knowing it could be so much better. But I love the subject! I was thrilled to see such a 3-D display at the Anderson Arts Center Juried Art Show: fish swimming in air. One thing I might have done better is to have focused on one fish in particular. They are all so different. But I tried instead to capture the overall effect produced by the artist, Joshua Davis of Starr. Good job, man!

April 20, 2010


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Some people love clothes, some shoes, some cars — me? Pottery. The colors used in the above piece just grab me. (Wish my photo did the color more justice.) And of course, the texture is so cool. And the sleek black neck. ūüôā I wish I could remember the artist’s name. Anderson Arts Center Juried Art Show.

April 19, 2010


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I knew I wasn’t alone in my adoration when I heard shots from the crowd as Anderson Arts Center Executive Director Kimberly Spears announced the winner of the BB&T Bank Purchase Award: Al Stine. Just amazing. His piece last year, I loved…but the above piece is dearer for me because it’s of a local subject, the Oconee Station. Amazing.

April 18, 2010

Downtown Anderson

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I was delighted to see a watercolor by Diann Simms in the Anderson Arts Center Juried Art Show. Not only is she a talented artist, but she’s a friendly, easy-to-talk-to person. And I love her subject in this piece: downtown Anderson. She also won the Lynn and Steve Kay Purchase Award. Congratulations, Diann!

April 17, 2010

And I’d Like to Thank

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I really love opening night of the Anderson Arts Center Juried Art Show. I’m NO artist, but I know what I like: the renovated warehouse, the snacks, the wide-range of art media, talking with my friend Cathey, looking for artist names I recognize, and the snacks. It really is a wonderful night. I don’t know if the lady above is the maker of the fabulous quilt behind her or if she was just goofing around, but I¬†saw a cool photo op and just¬†had to¬†snap it.

I learned from the Arts Center web site that the above quilt won Best in Show! It is called Circle Quilt, and was made by Christine Tedesco. I looked at it up close and the detail is really cool. Congratulations, Christine! If you haven’t seen the Juried Show, go soon.¬†It’s open until May 28.

April 16, 2010

Please Pass the Sweetenah

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So many beautiful things at Ooh La Lolly’s! In addition to delicious food, Lolly has books, jewelry, and lovely home decor. Did I mean the birds flying from the ceiling?

April 15, 2010

Ooh La Lolly

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Ooh La Lolly, on the corner of North Main and Federal, is a short skip from the Anderson Arts Center and right next door to Gallery 313. After feasting with our eyes at the gallery, we drifted next door to Lolly’s parisian domain and gnoshed on savory, sweet, and salty tid-bits. I had never been in this delightful restaurant, and it truly is exquisite. Open from 10 to 6 p.m., Lolly¬†serves a relaxed lunch and lupper crowd, perfect for browsing Lolly’s selection of antiques, books, and French country home decor. Ooh La Lolly is also a prime spot for bridal luncheons, baby showers, and private group dining. My new fav lunch spot downtown! (Another view of the pic is here.)

April 14, 2010


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Sorry, Terri, for the blurry pic! But I wanted to share the owner of Gallery 313. Terri is a very sweet and gracious lady. You can see the framing supplies behind her as well as some of the art displayed in the gallery. The pieces were selected from entries for the 35th Annual Juried Art Show produced by the Anderson Arts Center. (Two of my favorite pieces are here. Love their drama.)

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