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Nita Jones shares pictures from a news article published during her father’s service as chief of police. Anderson Independent: 1947.

Who attended Chief Jones’ funeral? Everyone in the community of Starr, where he lived, and many, many from Anderson, where he served as chief of police. Unfortunately, criminals knew this as well, and seized this time of grief to break in his home. Anderson Independent: 1973.

Back to charming time travel. Still of 1,000 gallons, $1,500 in mash destroyed. It would be marijuana or meth today. Love the hats, ties, and overalls. Anderson Independent: May 28, 1944.


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  1. My dad wore “Red Camel” overalls most of his life. Just slip into them and enjoy the room. One of the useful quirks were the button pockets located on the bib. That was where you kept your wallet or other valuables while plowing the fields. There was nothing harder than finding your wallet in a recently plowed field after the rough tractor ride had loosened it from your back pants pocket.

    Comment by Bill Wood — June 10, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

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