September 9, 2009

Meet Linda

Filed under: Festivals & Goin's On — lessie @ 6:41 pm

Linda gave me her card, but predictably, I’ve lost it. Linda, if you read this — you are the coolest! (Notice her toned legs!) Many riders bypassed the Great Escape water station during the Tour de La France race, but I’m happy Linda stopped in. She was friendly and informative about racing, and her love for the sport was infectious. She even took me inside the Great Escape and counseled me on some bikes to consider purchasing. (I was flattered that she didn’t assume I was joking when I claimed interest in cycling!) Her down-to-earth encouragement inspired me to consider riding in the race next year. Thanks, Linda!



  1. Nice portrait. That’s two lost cards. You need to buy a wallet! And a notebook! I give everyone I meet my MOO mini card.

    Comment by Steffe — September 10, 2009 @ 8:53 pm

  2. Wow, her legs are toned for her age! Good for her! Guess I need a bike LOL

    Comment by Jude Salem — September 11, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

  3. I enjoyed the Tour de La France photos. Very cool to see someone Linda’s age cycling. I am sure her active lifestyle is a major reason she looks so great.

    Is that you with Linda in the “inside Great Escape” photo?

    Comment by Bryan — September 17, 2009 @ 5:52 pm

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