September 6, 2009

Crying — Laughing so Hard

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On Friday night, a friend needed a movie. A NEED understood perhaps only by those who’ve experienced 3 kids under 5 — who won’t go to bed! 🙂 Suffice it to say, we didn’t care what we saw. The new Sandra Bullock flick would serve as well as any other. I brought my camera in a kooky impluse, and in an even kookier one, took the above pic. It turned out providential — as I hope Mary Horowitz’s spirit will stay with me a long time. Despite its title, the movie is NOT All About Steve. (Though Bradley Cooper is cute and funny.) Mary is the star of this show. And she shines big time.

Among us girls, “Mary Horowitz” is our new joke, label — for all things intellectual, all bits of champaign knowledge dispensed with panache and a French accent. 🙂 Mary Horowitz stole my heart. She’s the goofy friend you can’t quite understand but hope never changes. Mary being Mary keeps the world upright. Why does she wear bright red knee-high boots? Because it makes all 10 toes feel like they are on a camping trip. I resolve to find a piece of clothing I love that much. Go, run, sprint to All About Steve. You will laugh so hard you’ll cry. (And it’s pretty clean, to [red] boot.)

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