April 7, 2009

Grace Episcopal Church

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Grace Episcopal Church by you.

Andersonians fond of history, beautiful architecture, and blue glass, undoubtedly recognize the above windows of Grace Episcopal Church on S. McDuffie Street. The building really is lovely. I Googled a bit and discovered a cool web site: Historical Marker Database, which happens to display a marker from the church grounds. The current building is Gothic Revival and hails back to 1904. Over 100 years old. Always nice to have random conversation fodder, isn’t it? 🙂

I shot the above using Angie‘s telephoto lens. (I don’t remember the length.) It is AMAZING. Though I had trouble with the weight and keeping it steady. Very fun though.


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  1. Hi Lessie,

    The lens is a 55-250mm zoom with image stabilization. It’s my favorite of the two that I have, although the length of it does make it easy to bump. I guess I need a lens hood. I think that’s supposed to help. I had a UV filter on it, but looked down as I was replacing my lens cap one day to find it shattered. I had no idea. My heart dropped b/c at first I forgot that I had a filter on and thought that I had shattered my lens. GULP. I have not been carrying my camera in a proper bag with padding and support and I think that’s how it happened. How is your camera repair comming along? Heard anything?

    Comment by jakshaw — April 8, 2009 @ 3:05 am

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