February 24, 2009

Jack Russell

Filed under: Animals, Parks — lessie @ 5:35 am

IMG_0341 by you.

Walking at the Civic Center on Saturday, we ran into this friendly pair. (Yes, it was quite breezy and chilly.) The owner walked her older Jack Russell first, and then returned for another walk with her younger JR and a lab. She said the JRs were a variety with a longer back, I believe. I don’t know much about them — they’re just cute to me.



  1. Cute dog. I really like Jack Russells. Bright as buttons – they were ratting dogs originally I believe.

    Comment by Jilly — February 25, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

  2. I thought that I had already commented on this, but I guess I thought wrong. LOL I think that our Spicey girl is a Jack Russell/Corgi cross. She has a similarly shaped head and her ears are somewhat similar too. She’s likely a cross of MANY breeds, a true Heinz 57 blend. No matter about THAT though, ’cause we love her whatever breed anyone calls her.

    Comment by jakshaw — March 1, 2009 @ 1:44 am

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