September 22, 2008

Old can be better than new

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IMG_0136 by you.

Cable is too dad-burn expensive. UGH. I don’t need all those channels. And there’s nothing worse than watching HGTV at my dad’s house: I am glued, mesmerized as if in hypnosis. Unable to move, drool runs down my chin, until a commercial, when with a snort I wake up and wipe it away. My dad prefers CNN, even fishing. He says all I ever want to watch are “house” programs. And it’s true. At his home. With CABLE. But no, I don’t need it. Not at all. Really.

However, I do wish that the antenna above was still connected to … whatever in my house. So I could use it, like when I was a kid. The super-dooper Best Buy rabbit ears still leave channel 4 fuzzy. But who needs to see Law and Order clearly, anyway? Too much blood. Fuzzy is better. Really.

On another note, happy First Day of Fall! Check out the Google doodle in honor of this day. It’s kinda cool. (Scroll down to Sept. 22 to see it.)


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  1. TV has surely gotten too expensive to watch via cable, especially when there is little to watch other than Fox and local news!

    I like HGTV too, but I miss the old sitcoms and music variety shows…Carol Burnett, The Smothers Brothers, even Hee Haw for laughing out loud! Seems like all these producers could come up with something the whole family could watch and laugh at. We like Encore Westerns, but that one channel is packaged with about 50 that aren’t any good. Not worth it!

    I now spend my former nightly TV time on cable internet!

    Comment by RamblingRound — September 22, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

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