February 24, 2008


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The World Series of fishing come to Anderson! The Super Bowl of big mouth bass here at Hartwell Lake! I’d never even heard of “Bassmaster Classic” until this year, and yet the excitment of the fans, the color of the boats and the refreshing weather on Saturday — making me wish I was on the water — have all combined to make me a Bassmaster Classic fan. For this week at least. 🙂

I intended to visit Portman Shoals Marina early Saturday morning, but lethargy won out. I got there about 3ish that afternoon. My first shock were the men, women, and children lining the highway with cameras at the ready, waiting to capture their favorites leaving the marina.

I found a parking place and wound my way to the yellow tape holding back fans from the line up of fiercely colorful boats leaving the lake on trailers, all pulled by “Toyota Tundra” trucks. As the boats waited in que, from the edge of the water to the highway, a mile or so ahead, where they would get on I-85 and head to Greenville for the weigh-in, the fishermen chatted amicably with the crowd, even pulling out the fish they had caught to the whoops and cheers of the spectators. They joked and talked as they climbed around their waiting boats, pulling off all-weather overalls, adjusting gear and hats. The personalities of the anglers were magnetic — some more quiet, but all friendly — and I enjoyed watching the excited crowd as much as the boats and fishermen.

The above picture is of the ESPN set, created from scratch in front of the water at the marina. (You can see a bit of the water in the background.) I hadn’t realized I had caught them “mid-make up” until I got home and uploaded the pictures. How fun is that? A larger shot and a view of the water is here.

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  1. I always though bass fishing was a manly thing to do. Makeup?

    Comment by Jim K — February 24, 2008 @ 10:43 pm

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