February 7, 2008

Exit 19 from the Air

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I was thrilled to get this photograph from Barron Cooley, a lifetime Anderson resident and aviation enthusiast. It shows Anderson’s Exit 19 from Interstate 85 (lower left corner). I-85 can be seen running parallel to Hartwell Lake. The landscape taken up by the lake really shocked me. (Hartwell is 52,000 acres, but that’s hard for me to conceptualize!) I was also intrigued by the perfect cloverleaf of the interstate exit. Engineering really is a marvel — if only I had taken my math classes more seriously! Hwy 76 toward Anderson heads into the left of the photograph and beyond.

Below the Exit 19 cloverleaf, you can see the tight cluster of development on the Clemson / Seneca side of I-85. This area has sprouted since I moved to Anderson in 2000. I drove through on Friday night, and it’s a hoping place. (But slow moving if you are in a car.) It includes a movie theater, several hotels (maybe for the Clemson games?), Outback, Wild Wings Cafe, Cracker Barrell, and much more.

To the bottom right is the red dirt of construction grading. No idea what will go there. The cool thing is that there are still so many trees in the area. I love that Anderson is so close to “the country.” I hope Anderson residents allow city and county officials to control and manage the necessary growth of commerce, so Anderson will continue to be green.

To the right of the red dirt and across Hwy 76, you can see Denver Downs, a farm recognized as a Century Farm by the Pendleton Commission for being operated by the same family for 100 years. (I learned this via the small plaque on their main sign.)

There’s probably much more in the photograph that I don’t recognize. What do you see?



  1. what a beautiful photo, the river looks wonderful.

    Comment by Jim K — February 7, 2008 @ 11:05 pm

  2. This is a fabulous ariel shot! Excellent!

    Comment by Helen — February 8, 2008 @ 4:43 am

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