December 16, 2007

Unusual Markers

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Though I’m sure there many tombstones in the area honoring veterans of the Revolutionary War — this is the first one I’ve seen. And I was delighted to find it. It reads Mathew Dickson, South Carolina Mil., Rev War, April 10 1830, Born County Tyrone, Ireland 1731. In addition, there are several other tombstones marking graves of Irish immigrants in this mostly hidden and unnamed cemetery.

Many thanks again to the reader who invited me to visit this simple, amazing cemetery. I would never have found it on my own, though it’s inside Anderson’s city limits.



  1. I like reading old tombstones. Like you, I like to think about the peron named on it and what their live might have been like. Looks like the people of Anderson lived long lives. I posted some old headstones on my second page about a month or so ago, the old ones are so interesting.

    Comment by Jim K — December 16, 2007 @ 3:38 pm

  2. Thank you for taking these pictures. This is a graveyard of my husband’s family, the Moorheads. There are lots of Moorheads in this area. Also, yes, the Jollys are related, and that is the Manse Jolly family. The original homeplace that was near the cemetery was moved to one of the plantation houses in Pendleton. It was dismantled and rebuilt as a cabin.

    Isn’t that a cool cemetery?

    Comment by Moorhan — December 17, 2007 @ 1:20 am

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